Are there any benefits to owning a Cyber Bulldogz NFT?

Owners of Cyber Bulldogz NFTs may enjoy several perks including access to great unlockable content, original collectible art, that is tradable, proof of ownership, and much more.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to buy Cyber Bulldogz NFTs?

Cyber Bulldogz NFTs can be purchased using Ethereum (ETH). For complete details on the purchase process please watch the HOW TO Video on our official website. Please make sure you use the ETH Network.

How can I purchase a Cyber Bulldogz NFT?

To acquire a Cyber Bulldogz NFT, visit our official website which links directly to our OpenSea collection page. Make sure your crypto wallet is ready and loaded with Ethereum (ETH) before you proceed with a purchase.

How many collections are there in the Cyber Bulldogz series?

Within the Cyber Bulldogz series, there are three primary collections: Top Dogz, The Blue Litter, and The Organic Litter. Each collection provides a unique artistic approach and perspective on the theme.

Who is the artist behind the Cyber Bulldogz collections?

The Cyber Bulldogz collections were conceptualized and brought to life by Nico le Roux, a visionary artist whose expertise spans both the traditional art world and the cryptocurrency market, offering a unique NFT project rooted in passion and creativity.

What are Cyber Bulldogz NFTs?

Cyber Bulldogz NFTs are a distinct collection of digital art pieces featuring mystic punk-style French Bulldogs, each adorned with unique, cyber-enhanced traits. They embody the innovative blend of art, blockchain technology, and the spirit of canine companionship.

What is a spending limit on MetaMask and why am I being asked to enter one?

Click on the link below to find the answer :

What happens if I don’t unstake my tokens or rewards after the contract reaches maturation?

Nothing – Your tokens are safe and sound in the contract until you unstake/claim. However, rewards stop accumulating after the contract expires.

If I have unclaimed rewards after I have unstaked my token, can I still claim them?

Yes, you can! Claiming rewards and Unstaking tokens are two separate processes.

Is there a penalty for unstaking?

You can unstake your tokens without a penalty provided that the contract has reached maturation. Unstaking penalties do apply, however, if you unstake before the contract matures. Please see the Staking T’s&C’s section of the website for more information