How To Buy BTAF Using MetaMask And Pancakeswap?

Here you will find a detailed video tutorial on how to buy BTAFTokens on Pancakeswap. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Where can we view the BTAF token chart?

You can view the chart and also buy/sell at: Please see our DEXTools FAQ section for more information.

What is the official contract address for the BTAF token?

The official BTAF token contract address is 0xcAE3d82D63e2b0094bc959752993D3D3743B5D08

How can I claim my unstaked TAF tokens?

Please complete this Google form if you have NOT yet unstaked the following contracts on TAF Token 21 Day no Max 21 Day to the Moon 90 day staking contract The following staking contracts were stopped due to security

Which wallet do I use for BTAF token?

The recommended wallet for BTAF token is Metamask, though you may use any Wallet you prefer that makes use of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

What happens if I deposit BTAF tokens on a different network or use the wrong network?

Ensuring you are using the BSC network is very important, using a different network may result in the permanent loss of your tokens.

What is the difference between BTAF tokens and TAF Token?

BTAF Token is the used BitcoinTAF utility token that will be used to pay for products on

What is the use case for BTAF tokens?

Currently, the BTAF token can be used for payments inside (announcement to follow soon!)

How do I buy BTAF tokens?

Currently, you can purchase BTAF token from the followin sites: Link to BitMart: Link to BTAF token on PancakeSwap – Link to BTAFBuy Direct:      

Where do I buy BTAF tokens?

Link to BitMart: Link to BTAF token on PancakeSwap – Link to BTAFBuy Direct: